Popular sets that are offered for a limited time may also cost more overall.


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The world map costs a reasonable $249. . Or fastest delivery Mar 16 - 20.

99 / £229.

Learn more. 10. .

Special sets not for regular retail (marked as Gear on Bricklink. .

8 (789) $12799.


The red version can be found in a MOC, which is driving the price up. Sort By.

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Special sets not for regular retail (marked as Gear on Bricklink.
Listed at LEGO.
#10196 LEGO Grand Carousel.

8 (789) $12799.


1 for US $629. Different colors of this same part go for 10 cents. .

99 | UK £569. Jump to: Newest Sets Most Wanted Sets. This value can be calculated by dividing the total set price over its number of bricks (which is what the calculator here does). mx, 65% discount. $100.


. On the other end of the spectrum: LEGO has released quite some large sets recently with great price-per-part ratios.

100-120 pieces in a $5 set gives a price to part ratio of $0.


Looking at the data, System and Technic sets have been pretty stable around $0.

13 per part the last couple of years.

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